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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this work in my area?

Please refer to AT&T’s coverage map at

How much data is it?

1 terabyte, which is 1,000GB…a whole lot.

Just how much TV time is that?  The resolution you use also affects the amount of data you use. According to Netflix, you use about 1GB of data per hour for streaming a TV show or movie in standard definition and up to 3GB of data per hour when streaming HD video. 

(about 333-1,000 hours of streaming…so, 11 to 33 hours out of each 24 hour day on one device for 30 days straight)

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. We don’t do contracts. This is prepaid, so you can cancel at anytime. We do get you to sign up for a subscription to avoid billing issues. Again, all you have to do to cancel is tell us by phone, text, in person, or email. You can always just hit that “cancel” button on PayPal.

What if I move?

If you move, simply unplug the device from the power outlet and carry it with you. Once you get to your new place, simply plug it back in.

Is it portable?

The easy answer is yes. The full answer is that you will need a power adapter for your vehicle. You can run the router using the cigarette lighter plug in your vehicle, whether it be a car, truck, eighteen wheeler, or boat. It will even run on a solar charger if you have the right adapters. We recommend taking it with you while traveling if you are staying in hotels…you know your internet is secure.

Can I finance the box?

Yes, but not through us. Use the link to sign up, but select PayPal Credit.

I drive cross country. Can I use this in my rig?

Yes, as long as you have an adapter for power.