Who We Are

Who we are is Backroads WiFi, a service of Forever And Always Boutique, LLC. Headquartered in Union Parish, Louisiana, we understand living in the country.

More About Who We Are:

Like so many Americans, we enjoy the simple, country life.  We love having limited neighbors. We marvel at the amazing sunrises and the gentle breeze throughout the day. Life is simplest just sitting on the porch watching the sunset with a glass of sweet iced tea.  As wonderful as the days are, there was one thing we were missing…internet.

We tried the satellite thing and we’ve hot spotted our phones to watch TV, but you know how that goes.  We need something more stable, more affordable, and well, just worth the money.

In our travels across the great land we live in, the farmers in this area needed internet that worked and is affordable. Now, they have access to it.

Having been in the prepaid cell phone business since late 2016, we’ve made some contacts around the telecommunications industry.  So, in the Spring of 2021, it was time to offer more.  We became contracted to use the AT&T cell towers to provide data to those who enjoy the country life.

We believe this to be the best opportunity available to people like ourselves. People who enjoy streaming movies and TV shows. People who want the option of working from home. We give you an option that allows a video conference without freezing. And even people wanting to do some heavy gaming online (at least for the teenagers in our house).  We know some of you just like to keep up with friends and family on social media. 

Babygirl's car
Summer’s 2003 Mustang in the parade at the Corney Creek Festival in Bernice, Louisiana is proof of who we are…one of you.

Our business history:

Forever And Always was started in October of 2005 strictly at open air flea markets with Christian t-shirts mostly.  Not long afterwards, the website, www.foreverandalwaysonline.com, was created to reach more people. 

In 2009, we added festivals to our regular activities. Doing so carried us as far away as Illinois, Georgia, East Texas, and South Carolina.  This increased our name and created a following we are thankful for.

Due to our increased popularity and customer base, we opened an actual store in Farmerville, Louisiana in 2013.  In 2016, we were given the opportunity to buy out one of our business neighbors. This allowed us to offer prepaid cell phone services to our customers, available in store and online at www.addmyminutes.com.  

With God’s grace, just before Covid hit in March of 2020, we branched into critical illness and life insurances. We offer these through The Lemoine Agency, www.thelemoineagency.com.  Something we had never even considered, but proved to serve us and our community very well.

April of 2022 welcomed BackroadsWiFi to the scene as an affordable and stable solution to internet in rural America.

As you can see, we have been around since 2005. We only continue to grow to serve the people of our area and beyond.  You are now part of our story, too.

Who We Are: The road in front of our house. Yeah, we’re one of you.

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