Union Parish Residents Needing Stable Consistent Internet

As you know, we are always looking for better ways to serve you. We have found a solution for Union Parish Residents needing a stable, consistent internet connection for work, school, and gaming.

Broadband Services is that solution. It uses the airwaves similar to your cell phone, but offers constant internet speeds up to 100 Mbps up and down for the same $100 monthly.

The setup cost is only $199 and can be done here…


Check the coverage at your address. Follow this link and enter your address in the upper left corner where it says “search”:


Sign up is only $199 and includes installation!

Then, for only $100 monthly, you will receive some of the fastest and most stable internet Union Parish has ever seen!

Watch movies, play video games, stalk your friends and enemies on social media, work from home, home school, watch your Church online, have video calls with your loved ones, or use it to do research….whatever you need high speed internet for, you can now have it at your house in the woods!

Unlike satellite providers, the weather doesn’t interfere with the reception.

And, unlike mainstream cell phone providers, the towers aren’t overloaded and there’s no “hidden” catches or contracts.  AND, your sales and service teams are all US based!!!

No contract.  No credit check.

Unlimited means UNLIMITED.

If you have any questions before signing up or afterwards, call or text Robert at 318-381-9449.

Extra Information:

We’ve been asked if BackroadsWiFi.com is going away or out of business.  The answer is a hard NO.  We have customers outside of Union Parish and many inside the parish that will not really benefit from the change.  Those who will benefit, we’re letting them know they have a better option.

The best way to determine what you need is to run a speed test by typing fast.com into your browser, not the search bar, but the top of the page where the website address shows up.  If your speed is under 10Mbps, you need something better.  If it’s over 100Mbps, stay where you are.  If you watch multiple TVs or play online video games, you probably need more than a 20 download.  Hope this extra information helps you decide what you need.